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AMA Law is a full-service law firm that provides residents throughout the state of Oklahoma with exceptional representation and compassionate support. Our team of talented Oklahoma lawyers draws from more than 100 years of collective experience to deliver our clients positive resolutions in cases that span the spectrum of legal issues. The unrivaled level of legal ability, genuine commitment, and unyielding work ethic that we provide is precisely what residents requiring proven representation need to tackle even the most complex issues and / or powerful legal opponents.

Whatever your particular case may entail, you can be confident that our team of highly experienced attorneys possess the depth and breadth of education and hands-on experience needed to resolve your case swiftly and successfully. Our attorneys are prepared to handle a wide range of legal issues, including any of the following:

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AMA Law is your trusted source for expert legal representation – work with the best Oklahoma City Law firms. With a focus on criminal defense and personal injury cases, our dedicated team of experienced attorneys is here to fight for your rights and help you navigate the complex legal landscape.

At AMA Law we understand that facing criminal charges or dealing with a personal injury can be one of the most challenging and stressful times in your life. That’s why we are committed to providing personalized attention and unwavering support to every client who walks through our doors.

Our team of highly skilled attorneys brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every case we handle. We have a deep understanding of Oklahoma’s legal system, and we use our expertise to craft strong, effective strategies tailored to your unique situation. Whether you’re facing criminal charges or seeking compensation for a personal injury, we will tirelessly advocate for your rights and work towards the best possible outcome.

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to our clients. We believe in open and transparent communication, ensuring that you are informed and involved at every step of the legal process. We take the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and provide honest and realistic advice. Your goals and priorities are at the forefront of our strategy, and we will work tirelessly to protect your interests and achieve the best possible results.

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients based on trust, integrity, and professionalism. We understand the importance of your case, and we are committed to providing you with the highest level of legal representation. Our team’s passion for justice and our track record of success make us a powerful ally in the courtroom.


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At AMA Law, we handle a wide range of criminal defense and personal injury cases, including DUI, drug offenses, assault, theft, car accidents, slip and fall incidents, and more. No matter how complex or challenging your case may be, you can rely on us to fight tirelessly on your behalf.

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Take the first step towards resolving your legal matter by contacting AMA Law today. Our team is ready to provide you with a confidential consultation to assess your case and discuss the best way forward. When you choose us, you are choosing a law firm that is dedicated to your success and well-being.

Put your trust in AMA Law, and let us be your strong voice in the legal system. We are here to protect your rights, fight for justice, and help you move forward with confidence.


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Since AMA Law was founded in 1996, our legal team has worked hard to consistently achieve successful resolutions for our clients’ various legal needs. Our team will remain in constant communication to keep you well-informed as your case progresses, and our clients can rely on our attorneys to return phone calls and emails within 24 hours to ensure every question or concern you may have throughout your legal journey is promptly addressed.

Our dedication to staying close by the sides of our clients and our passion for guiding them safely and successfully through their unique legal cases has enabled us to continually produce favorable resolutions that meet our clients’ needs and objectives; leading to the recovery of over $100 million for our clients.

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We have talented trial attorneys who know how to fight aggressively and intelligently on behalf of our clients, and relentless advocates who work tirelessly to ensure that our clients’ needs are met. Our legal team truly does everything in its power to help local Oklahomans and families through these difficult legal experiences. Passionate in and out of the courtroom, we have become a proven legal resource trusted by the legal and local communities and national media outlets such as CNN, CBS Evening News, Cosmopolitan, and The Daily Oklahoman. What does all this mean to prospective clients? Simply put; AMA Law is a firm that all Oklahomans can trust in their times of need.

If you or your loved one are in need of legal representation, you must be certain that the firm and attorneys you choose to work with have demonstrated a consistent record of success and dedication. As evident by our numerous successful case results, positive client testimonials, and the fact that our Oklahoma attorneys are recipients of some of the most prestigious awards, achievements, and professional accolades, it is clear that AMA Law knows how to win.

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