Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Oklahoma City

May 23, 2014
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Oklahoma City

    Criminal defense is a very complicated and time-consuming for most attorneys. However, the Oklahoma City criminal defense attorneys at AMA Law view criminal defense in light of its successful and tactical strategy requirements. An attorney “new to the ropes” is not going to have the knowledge or experience required to be a committed and persistent advocate of your case. But, the attorneys at AMA Law will provide the best criminal defense that a prosecuted citizen needs!

    During the first office interview with our defense attorneys, we will ask you various questions about the arrest.
    What was the situation and circumstances that lead to your arrest?
    Did the officer observe you committing the crime?
    What are the specific facts that surround the arrest?
    Did the officer provide any documents related to the arrest?
    Were there any witnesses?

    Our defense attorneys will want you to provide a written statement of your side of the story with very specific details. In addition, we are required to discuss the retainer and fee schedule for payment of legal services. Finally, our defense attorneys will go over the case, strategy for the defense, and discuss possible penalties that the court may impose.

    Next, our defense attorneys will discuss the case:
    Decide what diversion-type programs exist if you are a 1st-time offender.
    Request discovery from the prosecutor.
    Prepare letters to invite witness testimony for the case, if available.
    Discuss retaining experts to testify on behalf of the defense.
    Locate validating sources for your character, i.e., letters of reference
    Discuss plea deals that have been offered or will be offered.

    Upon learning that the case is going to trial, our defense attorneys will discuss other considerations:
    Decide any pre-trial motions to file with the court.
    Motions to suppress, compel, or exclude evidence or testimony
    Motion to dismiss the case
    Discuss subpoenas needed for witnesses that will be testifying at trial.
    Discuss talking to the prosecution’s witnesses in order to determine their point of view.


    As you can see, criminal defense is one of the most challenging cases to defend in our legal system. Knowledge, experience, eloquently worded arguments, and preparation are the keys to a successful dismissal or acquittal of your case. More importantly, our Oklahoma defense lawyers want to provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve in an attorney: Advocacy and Protection of Your Rights!

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