How to Get the Best Accident Lawyer?

Jan 25, 2022
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    How to Get the Best Accident Lawyer?

    Make Sure You Get the Best Accident Lawyer

    Accidents often happen unexpectedly, and most of the time, they result in damage. There are several types of accidents, such as but not limited to the following: vehicular accidents, child injuries, pedestrian accidents, drunk driving accidents, dog bites, construction accidents, and many more.

    It is common for people involved in an accident to get help from a local accident lawyer from a personal injury law firm either to prove that they have no liability in the accident or to file a claim for compensation.

    But sometimes, when you’re in a rush to settle your case, you decide to hire a lawyer immediately, without proper vetting of their experience, field of specialization, trustworthiness, accessibility, and fees.

    Reasons for Changing your Accident Lawyer

    While your case is pending, you might get that feeling that something is not right with the lawyer representing you. The reasons for this could be numerous.

    It could be that the lawyer you hired is unresponsive or that you and your lawyer both want to go in different directions relative to the case. You may not understand their strategy, or your lawyer doesn’t seem interested in your case. There may also be a lack of trust toward your lawyer or even death or disbarment of your lawyer.

    So, can you change your accident lawyer? As a rule, yes. However, there are certain exceptions to this.

    Although the law allows anyone to choose who represents them in any legal proceeding, including personal injury claims, there are exceptions when you decide to change your lawyer.

    First, say you decide to switch your lawyer in the middle of a case or while your case is pending with the courts. The court may not allow it if it causes a delay in your case, mainly because parties to a case have the right to have it heard in a reasonable amount of time.

    The second situation when you may have trouble switching lawyers will be if there is a conflict of interest with the lawyer substituting your case and the opposite party, be it the present case or another case wherein the lawyer represents the other party.

    If your situation does not fall under either of those two exceptions, in most cases you may change your accident lawyer. However, before you decide to do so, try to discuss your issues with the current lawyer. If these are unresolvable, you may choose to terminate their services and let your new accident lawyer settle things with them.

    Do the termination of the first lawyer in writing. Moreover, you may file a complaint with the Oklahoma Bar Association if the first lawyer breached their standards of professionalism.

    After everything has been settled, the new accident lawyer must notify the courts about the substitution so they can proceed to handle your case.

    Get Help with Your Specific Case

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