Client Testimonial: Slip and Fall Injury

Nov 08, 2016
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Client Testimonial: Slip and Fall Injury

    Most people look at slip and fall incidents as relatively minor cases that typically affect the elderly. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. AMA Law client Sarah Richards is a perfect example of how a simple slip and fall can turn into an excruciatingly long recovery period – with costly medical bills. In this client’s case, a routine dinner out with family turned into $500,000 in medical bills and months of stress, anxiety, pain, and an inability to work. As humans, we are exposed to potentially dangerous situations on a regular basis. Wet or slippery floors may seem like something that is either avoidable or typically not very injurious, but this is simply not the case. When a spill or hazard on the floor or ground is not properly cleaned up, it can be quite dangerous to patrons of that establishment. By law, employees and those who are in charge of a specific premise must ensure all hazards are removed and the space is adequately maintained. In the case of our client, there was blatant negligence on the part of the restaurant staff, which resulted in Sarah’s accident and, in turn, numerous surgeries and thousands of dollars in medical bills.

    Sarah’s Story

    While out to dinner at a restaurant, Sarah and her family noticed the floor was slippery underneath the table. They immediately notified the server, who was aware that a salad had been spilled. Sarah was told the floor would be cleaned while she was in the bathroom. Upon her return, she immediately slipped, fell, and came to a stop about four feet from the table against the wall. While at first the only thing Sarah thought she hurt was her pride, she soon learned the accident had resulted in a compressed vertebrae which had punctured two discs in her back. She was told she would need a spinal fusion in order to correct the problem. Four back surgeries and $500,000 in medical bills later, Sarah began to seek out legal representation. After being turned away by numerous personal injury attorneys, Sarah found her way to AMA Law. Unable to work and living in extreme pain from her accident, Sarah was at a loss of what to do and how to care for her family and pay her bills.

    Watch Sarah’s testimonial to find out more about her story and how the attorneys at AMA Law were able to represent her and pursue legal action against the restaurant.

    As you saw in the video, one of the most important takeaways from Sarah’s case is to make sure you are working with an attorney who not only understands your case, but will go above and beyond to make sure that those responsible for a person’s injuries are held accountable. When other lawyers turned their back on Sarah, our lawyers stood by her side and did everything in our power to show the restaurant was legally responsible for what happened to her, and therefore owed her compensation to cover damages and lost wages. The final verdict in Sarah’s case was a huge win for both our law firm and our client, something we believe was a direct reflection of the time we spent researching her case.

    Why Slip and Fall Accidents Are Dangerous

    Slip and fall accidents happen every single day in the United States, and to people of all ages, health, and financial standing. These cases are often hard to prove, which is why you need an experienced and reliable attorney by your side. When it comes to slip and fall cases, you must be able to show that a party’s negligent actions directly resulted in the slip and fall accident and injuries. To learn more about slip and fall accidents in Oklahoma and how our attorneys may be able to help you, please contact AMA Law today.

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