Establishing Paternity and Paternity Lawsuits in Oklahoma

May 23, 2014
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Establishing Paternity and Paternity Lawsuits in Oklahoma

    Many people hear the word “paternity” and simply think it means who fathered a child. However, paternity is more complex and is dealt with in many other situations than simply who is the father of the child. Pregnancies can be the result of a mere accident, and so laws had to be created in order to protect and serve the people in a difficult situation. Paternity issues are quite common today which resulted in the passage of several laws around the country to help define paternity. If you are being faced with a question of paternity be sure to consult an Oklahoma paternity suit lawyer about your legal rights.


    A paternity suit is a court case to establish the identity of a child’s father, usually acquire financial support from the biological father, after being proven that he is indeed the biological father. Paternity may be questioned in the case of an unwed mother, divorce, annulment or legal separation. An unwed mother can petition the courts for determination of paternity, or a man can come forward and accept the paternity of a child.

    What needs to be done upon establishing paternity?

    For the Father: Filing documents with the court establishing that you are the father. If these documents are not contest by the mother, you could establish paternity.

    Signing the paternity acknowledgement form

    For the Mother: File documents with the court requesting a paternity test.


    AMA Law are family law attorneys that can help assist with the complications involved in paternity cases. Our lawyers can help you get paternity tests issued by the court. Contact an Oklahoma City family law attorney at AMA Law today, and receive your full consultation addressing your paternity issue.

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