Establishing Paternity: Why It Matters

Dec 31, 2014
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Establishing Paternity: Why It Matters

    Caring for a child is one of the most important responsibilities any adult can have, regardless of the situation. Whether you are seeking to establish or contest paternity a family law attorney understands how sensitive these types of cases can be and will do everything he/she can to represent you and help you with your legal needs.

    When a child is born to unmarried parents, there may come a time where the court needs to establish paternity before moving forward with custody and child support matters. In other cases, the supposed father of the child may have concerns as to whether or not the child is truly his or not. In these instances, a paternity test can be administered.

    Whether you need to establish parentage for support and custody or dispute paternity allegations, we can help. Our lawyers will advocate aggressively for men who believe they have been wrongly identified as the biological father of a child, or help them prove they are the father in order to receive custody and support.

    The Benefit of Establishing Paternity

    There are numerous reasons why establishing paternity is important. Making the effort to formally establish paternity is about more than receiving financial support. It will also benefit the child and allow for the following:

    • Shared parental responsibility – Establishing paternity means that the child will now be able to spend time with both parents, giving each party a say in how the child is raised
    • Greater financial support – It is well-known that raising a child can be expensive. Once paternity is in place, the child will receive monetary support from both parents
    • Solid family network – In most cases, having two parents in the picture also means an extended network of family members that will provide additional support
    • Access to the father’s medical history – Establishing paternity will allow your child to have information on genetic medical issues that may have been passed on from the birth father

    Paternity cases can be emotionally charged and difficult for many, which is where family law attorneys from AMA Law come in. We understand Oklahoma’s legal system and will be able to guide clients through the entire process. To learn more about paternity rights in Oklahoma or to set up a consultation with one of our knowledgeable lawyers, please contact us today.




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