Family Law and Child Custody in Oklahoma

Jul 26, 2014
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Family Law and Child Custody in Oklahoma

    The matters of a child’s parents are unfairly placed upon the shoulders of children. Separation of the parents is always difficult for children, especially if their parents are married and have been through difficult times together and emerged retaining their status as a family. It is for this reason that you, as a separated parent need to have a team of attorneys who knows how to quickly and decisively place custody of the child in the hand of the only one who knows how to – you.

    By contacting a lawyer, you already have a significant edge in a courtroom, should it ever reach that point. It will allow you to prepare in advance financially, showing a judge that you have structure to your life, a key component in being awarded custody of a child. While financial stability is a chiefly considered factor in court cases, structure is equally important.

    The environment that a child lives in could be what ends up determining the outcome of a court case. While it is a known fact that raising a child carries a considerable cost, two spouses who each have an adequate income will not be fighting for custody over a few thousand dollars. In cases where both parents receive enough income to support their children, the parent who is capable of spending more time with the child as well as give them a structured life will have a favorable advantage over the other parent.

    While the list of favorable factors that a judge considers are long and tense, the child’s relationship to each of their parents as well as extended family and genuine nurturing capabilities are crucial to judgments as well. If the child has an adult sibling, that adult could testify in court in favor of you or against the other parent.

    While it may be tempting to make attempts to sway your child’s opinion of you or the other parent, it is considered to be dishonest and evidence of this could severely damage your reputation in front of a judge. If evidence of domestic physical or verbal abuse exists, it could mean a swift turn of tides. Although, attempts to fabricate a scenario in which claims of abuse exist when they do not, could lead to disastrous consequences for you than it would for the other parent if they were actually true.

    The longer a court case lasts, the more long-term damage your children will endure; and ultimately, the lower your quality of life and satisfaction with the outcome of a divorce will be. While there is never any true “Winner” in a divorce, the best award that can be achieved for both parties would be a swift and short-lived divorce.

    Oklahoma’s divorce court lawyers at AMA Law deal with these issues regularly and are committed to rightfully placing children in the hands of the more competent parent.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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