How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Improve Your Court Outcome

Sep 01, 2021
by Becki Andrus

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    How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Improve Your Court Outcome

    If you’ve ever tried to complete even the simplest legal paperwork, you know how confusing and impossible it is. It’s very apparent that the legal process was not made for the general public to navigate on their own.

    If you find yourself in trouble and looking at possibly going to prison or paying big fines, hiring a criminal defense attorney will quickly become a necessity in an attempt to avoid some serious consequences.

    What Exactly Does a Criminal Lawyer Do?

    Every criminal case is unique, and a criminal lawyer is skilled in knowing exactly how to pick out even the most minor details and evidence to help you come out on top. Not only is your criminal lawyer going to look for evidence to support you, but he/she will also listen to the opposing side’s defense and argue against it to refute their claims.

    If you are guilty of a crime, your criminal defense lawyer can still help by working for you to achieve a lesser sentence in terms of jail time and fines.

    Below are a variety of ways that criminal defense attorneys can help their clients.

    • Provide Protection to You and Your Case from the Beginning

    If you are being questioned at a police station or by other attorneys, you have the right to have your lawyer present. Your attorney will help make sure that questions that could be incriminating are controlled and stopped if needed. Your attorney is who you will be able to depend on to be at your side, making sure you don’t make a mistake throughout the process. They know what kinds of questions are allowed and how questions should be answered and anticipated. Honestly, that can be a bit of a gray area if you don’t know your stuff!

    • Negotiate on Your Behalf

    In matters such as negotiating plea bargains, you should never try to go it alone. Always have a criminal defense attorney with you that understands the legal system and your situation.

    If you decide after consulting with your attorney that you should plead guilty, your attorney can then negotiate a plea bargain on your behalf. A plea bargain can reduce your sentence or even remove many of the charges that have been brought against you.

    Without an attorney, other lawyers are often unwilling even to try negotiating with those representing themselves. As a result, you are likely to receive a much more severe plea bargain trying to make a deal on your own. The other attorneys know that you are not experienced in such negotiations, and so you will not get the same treatment as being present with an attorney.

    • Potentially Change Your Sentence

    You could be found guilty during court proceedings, which would be the worst-case scenario. Although it’s not great, your attorney still has room to change your sentence potentially. This is another instance you’ll find having a lawyer working for you can be highly beneficial. Sometimes your sentence can be changed so that you don’t just end up back where you find yourself now. Their goal is to keep you out of the criminal justice system for good.

    • Defend You from Being Wrongfully Convicted

    Finding yourself to be wrongfully convicted of a crime is a horrible situation to experience. A criminal defense attorney can help you fight any of the charges that come against you during the trial. Courtroom proceedings can be intense, complex, and a bit intimidating.

    To be successful in court, choose a defense lawyer who will be successful and fight for you. A skilled and experienced attorney will work hard to investigate your case and do what it takes to provide evidence and information to argue the allegations that have been brought against you.

    Why Does a Criminal Case Take So Long?

    You might look at the time you are in court and wonder why in the world it has taken months just to get there. Your attorney has been working hard to build your case and get ready for any kind of arguments that may come up from the opposing lawyers.

    Day to day, your attorney may be found reading and studying case documents and evidence, making notes on what would be most helpful to them during court, and putting together a strategy for your case. Your lawyer will probably be studying the laws and past cases that could be brought up in court as well. The right attorney team will be working hard for months on your behalf to ensure the very best outcome possible.

    Why Can’t I Do What a Lawyer Would Do?

    You may believe that you can do what it takes to represent yourself. You can study, make phone calls, organize thoughts, and even review laws that could pertain to your case. So why can’t you save yourself potentially thousands of dollars by taking care of everything on your own?

    The truth is your lawyer does not act alone on your case. There are sometimes many, many attorneys and support staff working to gather information and prepare for court. You cannot learn the knowledge that they have from working on criminal cases like yours in a few short months. Your attorney’s education and experience as a criminal defense attorney cannot be matched by your part-time reading after work a few nights a week.

    Your Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

    When looking for the right criminal defense attorney, look for a skilled, knowledgeable, and trustworthy team. The consequences could be big and even life-changing if you don’t choose the right attorney to represent you. You can’t afford to make a second-rate decision when it comes to your lawyer. AMA Law is the legal team you can trust to work hard for you and your individual criminal case. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out more about how we can help with your legal matter. Don’t trust any criminal defense attorney to represent you in your criminal case.

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