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Oklahoma Automated Driving Accident Lawyer

Oklahoma Automated Driving Accident Lawyer

As the popularity of automated cars increases, there are still important questions that bother many drivers. What happens when the automated car causes an accident? How do you tell if it was the driver’s fault or a glitch in the automated system?

There have already been cases of crashes and fatalities caused by automated vehicles, and the lawyers at AMA Law are here to help if you’ve been involved in a car crash. Learn what to do should you find yourself in this situation and why an Oklahoma automated driving accident lawyer will be your greatest asset in getting the justice you deserve.

How an Automated Car Accidents Are Different

Automated, autonomous, or self-driving cars are fitted with automation systems that assist the driver with things like monitoring the driving environment, driving tasks, braking, and so on. 

However, it’s important to note that there are levels of automation and that no self-driving car on our roads is fully automated. Mistakes happen, and even the best automated systems may have trouble navigating things like busy intersections. This means that a driver still has to remain alert and will have a significant role to play in ensuring the vehicle’s safety on the road. 

An automated car accident is different from those involving less autonomous vehicles because the cause could either be the driver or a technical glitch. During the investigation, your lawyer will have to speak with more experts than they would in the latter case.     

What to Do After an Automated Car Accident in Oklahoma

The most important thing after any car accident is to look for injuries and seek medical help if you’re seriously wounded. However, if you feel okay, you can do the following before seeing a doctor:

Determining Liability in an Automated Car Accident

When you’re hit by an autonomous car in Oklahoma, getting compensated depends on how long you take to determine liability. To do this, you’ll need more than an accusation. Plaintiffs also need proof that the defendant was negligent in one way or another, leading to harm. 

If the driver was under the influence at the scene, driving recklessly, or disobeying a traffic rule, they may be the liable party for your injuries. However, the car manufacturing company could also be responsible if the accident was caused by a technical malfunction, especially within the automated system.

Call an Automated Driving Accident Lawyer in Oklahoma

Autonomous cars are still a new technology. Policymakers are still drafting the laws surrounding accidents and injuries caused by such vehicles. This is why it’s crucial not to seek just any lawyer after a crash, but an automated driving accident attorney. They understand the laws so far and have experience helping other victims like you. 

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