Oklahoma Bankruptcy Options: Adjustment or Liquidation

May 23, 2014
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Oklahoma Bankruptcy Options: Adjustment or Liquidation

    Adjustment of Debts: A Chapter 13 bankruptcy tends to be the preferred form of bankruptcy because debtors are able to stay in possession of their assets. Because the debtor is actually repaying the debt, the court allows a longer time period for repayment, usually three to five years. An Oklahoma bankruptcy attorney prepares a repayment plan and presents it to the court. The court confirms or denies the plan depending on whether it complies with bankruptcy standards.

    The likelihood of repaying 50% or more of the debt is the most deterring characteristic of Chapter 13 bankruptcies. A debtor will most likely not feel the relief that a “discharged debt” gives in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Moreover, if a payment is missed, the debtor is in contempt and could be forced to pay the entire debt back.

    ADVANTAGE: Protected from lawsuits, garnishments, and other creditors!

    Liquidation: A Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves the collection of the debtor’s assets and conversion of the assets into creditor payments. This could be likened to a garage sale. The court appoints a trustee to liquidate the debtor’s assets and pays the creditors with the assets-to-cash conversions.

    ADVANTAGE: Discharged debt and financial freedom is immediate!

    What types of debt are exempt from bankruptcy?
    Unpaid tax debt
    Unfiled debt with the court
    Unpaid child support
    Unpaid alimony
    Court or government fines
    Personal injury debts caused by drinking and driving
    Education loans
    Cooperative housing loans or debts

    What is most important for you to know?
    Lifestyle change
    Limited spending
    Only 1/3 of Chapter 13 bankruptcies are repaid.
    Chapter 7 bankruptcies affect credit reports for 7-10 years.
    Owning a home with a large amount of equity, co-signors, or a large amount of assets will prevent a bankruptcy due to new legislation.


    Experienced attorneys have years of experience in the field of bankruptcy and financial litigation. With the help of a qualified Oklahoma lawyer you can help re-establish your financial stability with a minimum amount of loss.

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