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Oklahoma Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Traveling by bicycle is an increasingly popular form of transport as we address our carbon footprint concerns. It’s good exercise, cost-effective, and gives you the freedom to take more scenic routes and see the sights on your commute. 

Unfortunately, road traffic can pose a risk to bicyclists, particularly when due care isn’t paid. If you’ve been in an accident while commuting on your bicycle and suffered an injury, you may be entitled to compensation, so read on for further information about how an Oklahoma City bicycle accident lawyer can help you make a full recovery by obtaining maximum compensation from the liable party.

How Many Bicycle Accidents Happen Each Year in Oklahoma?

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has expressed concern over cyclists’ safety, stating their rights to use the road are equal to those of motorists. Sadly, statistics for the past five years indicate 49 cyclists were killed in crashes in Oklahoma alone. This may seem low, but many more suffer severe injuries, like brain trauma and spinal cord damage every day. 

Bicycle accidents often involve motorists with whom they share the road. Oklahoma’s safe passing laws require vehicles to exercise due care and give adequate space for cyclists to pass safely. Unfortunately, pedestrians and distracted or intoxicated drivers are often involved in bicycle accidents. If another road user’s negligence results in injury to your person, you could be eligible to make a claim against them. 

According to Oklahoma Statute Title 47, bicycles are legally recognized as vehicles, and cyclists are bound by the same duties and responsibilities as any other road user. Should an accident occur while riding your bicycle, you must follow the correct legal procedures when reporting the incident. 

What Should I Do Following a Bicycle Accident? 

Upon being informed about an accident, state police will investigate and attempt to establish a cause. To do so, they’ll gather evidence, such as statements from yourself and other involved parties and from other road users. If you’re treated by medical professionals, they should provide documentation of your injuries and a statement regarding the severity of the injuries caused.

If your lawyer can establish your accident resulted from another driver’s negligence or poor maintenance of the road by the relevant authorities, you may be able to pursue a claim to help aid you with the losses and hardship suffered. Although compensation can’t fix your injuries, it’ll help with medical bills and other financial issues encountered due to your accident. 

How Long Does it Take to Negotiate a Settlement? 

Settlement times can vary in any personal injury case, and bicycle accident cases are no different. A settlement may be reached reasonably quickly in straightforward cases, while more complicated cases, like those involving the loss of life or occurring within the scope of employment, can take time to negotiate appropriate compensation. Your lawyer will advise you throughout and keep you informed about proceedings and what must be done before an outcome is reached. 

Your injuries, both immediate and long-term, will all factor into any potential settlement you reach. Any possible loss of earnings and emotional trauma will also be considered when calculating a fair compensation figure, and the more factors there are, the longer the process may take. This is extremely important to ensure the compensation you pursue accurately reflects the caliber of your injury, loss, and hardship caused by the incident.

Find the Right Oklahoma Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Finding the right attorney will be crucial to making sure your claim is filed smoothly, and the calculated compensation reflects your experiences. A practiced lawyer will evaluate the evidence presented to them and use it to pursue the most beneficial outcome available to you. 

If you’re injured, unable to work, and suffering after a severe injury and need help to pursue compensation, contact an Oklahoma City bicycle accident lawyer with AMA Law for a free case review. We’re always happy to discuss the circumstances surrounding your accident and offer advice on how best to proceed. You can reach out to us via the consultation form on this page, or by calling 505-708-7789 to speak with a member of our local team.