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Oklahoma City Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

An estimated 129,448 individuals registered as motorcycle owners in Oklahoma City in 2019. As a compact and efficient means of city travel, their popularity continues to grow. Unfortunately, the same can be said for the number of motorcycle accidents, which grow exponentially year after year. 

Any motorcyclist understands the potential consequences of a road traffic accident. Safe riding practices and laws have been designed to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries like brain and spinal cord damage among motorcyclists, but sadly incidents are all too often the result of negligence on the part of other road users. 

If you’ve been the victim of a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, you should strongly consider contacting an Oklahoma City motorcycle accident lawyer for assistance pursuing the justice you deserve.

How Common are Motorcycle Accidents in Oklahoma?

While a minor car accident can result in severe injuries, a minor motorcycle accident can be catastrophic. Statistics illustrate the economic cost of motorcycle accidents in Oklahoma City has reached up to $49million some years, a staggering 7% of the total cost of road accidents. 

Motorcycle accidents can involve many different parties like other vehicles, pedestrians, E-scooters, or cyclists but often involve claims from opposing parties that the motorcyclist was speeding and the road user could not see them. Motorcyclists must be familiar with Oklahoma Highway Safety laws and adhere to speed limits, given the potential devastation an accident can wreak. With that said, inexperienced or negligent drivers may instigate accidents involving motorcyclists no matter how careful they are.

Wearing a helmet can significantly reduce the chance of death or permanent injury if you’re involved in a motorcycle accident. Failure to do so could not only result in your death, but could also be deemed a negligent act on your own behalf.

What Should I Do Following a Motorcycle Accident?

Following a motorcycle accident, you should seek immediate medical attention to determine the extent of your injuries. Once you’re well enough, you should contact a lawyer for advice regarding your options. If you feel the accident you were involved in wasn’t your fault, discussing this with an attorney may clarify whether you have a case to pursue.

If your lawyer can prove your accident was caused by another party’s negligence or factors beyond your control, they or their employer, if they were acting in the scope of their employment, could be held liable for your injuries, losses, and hardships. Though this can’t undo any physical or emotional traumas you’ve endured, it can mitigate any financial losses you’ve incurred as a result, such as any medical bills accrued. 

How Long Does a Motorcycle Accident Claim Take? 

It’s difficult to determine how long any given case will take, as they’re all dependent on the circumstances involved and the evidence being considered. Contacting an attorney at the first possible opportunity will undoubtedly speed the process up, as you’ll have access to the advice you need and experience pursuing settlements in similar cases. Factors such as physical injury, emotional trauma, loss of earnings, and medical bills will all be considered when establishing the compensation you deserve, among many others. 

Find a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Oklahoma City

Finding a lawyer you can trust to represent a claim with your best interests at heart is crucial in your pursuit of justice. If you’ve been the victim of a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, contact an Oklahoma City motorcycle accident lawyer from AMA Law today and speak to a member of our team.

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