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Learn How to Appeal a Criminal Conviction

The American justice system is set up so that everyone is “innocent until proven guilty”. This allows all individuals who are convicted of a crime to go through a legal process where they can try and prove their innocence. However, as good of a system that is, it still includes it’s faults. There are an unfortunate amount of cases that involve individuals either being wrongfully accused or wrongfully penalized for a wide range of crimes. Mistakes in the judicial system may be because of a poorly handled trial, legal malpractice, or missing evidence. Regardless of the particular scenario, if you have been wrongfully convicted of a crime, you should seek the help of a criminal defense attorney from AMA Law. Our experienced team of lawyers will be able to fight for you and help you with the appeals process if you have been found guilty of a crime you did not commit.

Information on a Criminal Appeal

The state of Oklahoma has a law that says people who have been wrongly convicted of a crime can file a criminal appeal, which means their case will be reviewed by a judge. As stated in Title 22, Chapter 18 of “Rules of the Court of Criminal Appeals”, the judge will then conduct research and look for instances of discrepancies or malpractice. If the judge finds that your particular case was indeed mishandled or that the sentence was unfair, he may suggest the case to be reopened. Details of the actual appeals process are as follows:

  • To initiate the criminal appeal, you must file a motion. Motions include 1) Motion for New Trial, 2) Commencement of Appeal, 3) Filing of Appeal Records, 4) Appeals by the State, 5) Appeal out of Time
  • Defendant and his or her attorney are able to make arguments to support their reason for appeal
  • The appellate court will make a ruling, either in support of the State’s decision or overturning it

Attorneys at AMA Law are experienced and trained to provide aggressive representation in the event you need to find a criminal appeal. We have worked on a wide variety of criminal appeals cases and will work with you closely to ensure your case is as persuasive as possible.

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