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Oklahoma City Criminal Defense FAQ

Oklahoma City Criminal Defense FAQ

If you’re arrested and charged with a crime in Oklahoma City, the sooner a criminal defense lawyer starts working on your defense, the better off your case will be in court. 

The attorneys of AMA Law will be able to help you understand the legal process and make informed decisions. Our potential clients typically have many questions, so we’ve compiled this collection of answers for those who have been arrested and face criminal charges. Check out the list below and contact us for case-specific questions.

Can a prosecutor drop my criminal charges? 

Although a prosecutor doesn’t have the power to drop charges against you, there are circumstances in which they may decide to dismiss your case. The most common reason that a prosecutor would want to drop charges is if they believe there’s not enough evidence to convict you of a crime.

Another way that prosecutors can choose not to pursue your case involves the severity of the offense and the costs of prosecution. If the charges are too minor or it involves an element of doubt, then the prosecutor may decide that prosecution isn’t worth the costs and effort. 

That doesn’t mean you should expect or rely on this. You can instead prepare your case and seek a reduction in charges or dismissal with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. 

Will my criminal defense attorney play a role in setting bail?

Bail is a way to get out of jail before trial. A judge or magistrate determines the amount of bail, which has to be paid in cash or with a bail bond. The judge sets the amount based on several factors, like whether you’re a flight risk or have violated bail conditions in the past.

If there isn’t a recommended amount from either the prosecutor or the court, then it’s up to your defense lawyer to argue how much bail should be set. They can help you reduce your bond, giving you a chance to prepare for your claim away from jail. 

Can a criminal arrest record be sealed or expunged in Oklahoma City?

When you have been arrested but not yet convicted of a crime or if your case was dismissed, you may be able to have your record sealed. This means that the public will not have access to it.

If you are convicted of a crime and sentenced to community service or probation, the court may seal your arrest records after two years if you don’t have any other convictions during this time period. 

However, in some cases, the court may refuse to seal your records, especially if your offenses include drugs or any kind of violence. If this happens, your defense lawyer can file a motion asking for the judge’s permission before moving forward with sealing the arrest records.

What can I do if I’m convicted of a criminal offense? 

In some cases, you may have been convicted of a crime, but you believe something went wrong with your case. For example, some evidence that could have gotten your case dismissed was wrongfully left out. In these cases, your lawyer can help you seek out an appeal and possibly get your conviction overturned. 

What should I bring to the first meeting with my Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyer?

Your first meeting is a chance for your attorney to learn more about you and the charges against you. Here’s what you should bring:

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Having a criminal record can ruin your job prospects, professional and personal reputation, and even family life. That’s why it’s critical to work with a law firm that will fight aggressively on your behalf.

Our criminal lawyers have the experience and legal training needed to defend you against any criminal charges you could be facing, including assault, theft, violent crimes, or drug offenses. Your lawyer can provide answers to your questions, giving you the chance to prepare for your criminal trial. 

With AMA Law representing you, your case will be handled by a lawyer who’s committed to protecting your rights throughout the legal process, beginning with our initial conversation through trial. Give us a call for a free consultation at 405-708-7789 or start an online chat with one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys.