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Oklahoma Expungement Lawyers

If you have been convicted of a crime in the past, it does not necessarily mean it will be on your record permanently. There are a wide range of criminal charges that our Oklahoma criminal lawyers will be able to expunge or erase from your record, just as long as you meet specific criteria requirements in place by the state. When referring to felony or misdemeanor charges being expunged, the implication is that they will no longer be visible on your criminal record and will be as though the crime in question was never actually committed. This also means that when background checks are performed on you, the charge will no longer show up. If you have a question about whether or not a charge can be expunged from your record, contact attorneys at AMA Law today and set up a free consultation.

We Can Help Clean Up Your Criminal Record Common Types of Expungement

Before you can get started with an Oklahoma criminal lawyer to see whether or not your charge can be removed from your record, it is helpful to understand what the two types of expungements in Oklahoma are:

  • Complete expungement
  • Case dismissal expungement

A complete expungement can be found in Section 18/19 and signifies when a charge is completely removed from your record. This is a very difficult type of expungement, but it is also the most desirable. The other type of expungement is also referred to as a 991c expungement. This means that an individual’s record will be changed from “guilty” to “not guilty” and the case is shown as being dismissed. While the record will still exist, it will show up as being dismissed instead of as a conviction.

Details About Expungements In Oklahoma

In order to qualify for an expungement in the state of Oklahoma, an individual must meet at least one of the listed requirements in Okla. St. Ann 22-18. Examples of the requirements listed include the following:

  • An individual was charged for the first time
  • The charge was a nonviolent offense and the accused has gone 10 years without any additional charges
  • The person was acquitted of the charge
  • The conviction was reversed
  • The individual received a pardon
  • The individual was under 18 years of age at the time the crime was committed
  • The charges were dismissed

If you would like to see if your particular case meets the Oklahoma state expungement requirements, contact AMA Law today.

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Attorneys at AMA Law have a great deal of knowledge surrounding Oklahoma’s expungement laws and will be able to advise any individuals who would like to get a charge removed from their record. We understand how the legal system works and will do our best to explain the laws to each client and fight your case.

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