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How Do Appeals Work in Criminal Trials?

Accepting a conviction without fighting back is a mistake that can ruin your future, your career, and your chances of enjoying life as you once did. While it’s true that decisions made by a court can be final, it doesn’t mean that you have no options left.

A criminal trial that ends in a conviction is not a good thing, but you still have the option to fight back. If you don’t agree with what happened and still want to seek justice, you’ll be happy to know that you’re well within your rights to file an appeal. 

If you’re facing a conviction and you want to appeal, reach out to an Oklahoma City defense attorney at AMA Law. We can help you take the next steps toward appeal and a new chance to overcome the charges. 

What Happens After Filing an Appeal

An appeal represents a formal request to have an appellate court examine what happened during your trial. A defense attorney can file one on your behalf. This document will contain the reasons behind this action and will explain why you think that your trial should not have ended with a conviction.

Keep in mind that the government also has the right to fight back and in this scenario, they will file a brief in response to your appeal explaining how and why the court made the right decisions. Answering in a convincing manner is fundamental during this step. 

The appellate court may also request oral arguments from both sides. The presence of a defense attorney is crucial in this scenario, as they can speak on your behalf after examining all the factors that influenced your trial. Once your attorney presents this argument, you may have a chance for an appeal. 

Can I Always File an Appeal?

It’s your legal right to file an appeal if the situation requires it. Simply being unhappy or not agreeing with the outcome of a criminal case is not enough for your conviction to be reconsidered. You must have valid reasons that support your decision.

For example, you may believe there was not enough evidence to convict you, or that evidence that could have helped your case was unfairly excluded from the trial. In these cases, that evidence could have changed the results of your trial, and that should be presented. 

Don’t forget that this is not a new trial, and you won’t have the chance to present new evidence. An appeal is based exclusively on the trial court record, and legal errors that had a significant effect on the outcome are the only factors that will be considered. 

Appeal with a Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Help

The reasons behind an appeal need to be convincing, as reconsidering convictions is a serious matter for the legal system. Depending on the outcome, you may find yourself in multiple legal battles that have your future and your freedom on the line. 

Our criminal defense attorneys at AMA Law are ready to hear your story and won’t stop fighting until they’ve found all the errors that influenced your trial. To schedule your free consultation today, call 405-708-7789 or fill out our online contact form.