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Juvenile Crimes

Oklahoma Juvenile Crime Attorney

Defense Options for Juveniles

It is important to understand that the criminal process for juvenile defendants differs from that of cases involving individuals over the age of 18. Defendants who are under the age of 18 are considered juveniles and are commonly sent home under supervision until their court date after they have been charged with a crime. In cases where the juveniles are detained, they will be taken to a juvenile detention center or residential facility separate from where adults who have been charged with a crime are kept. However, in serious cases involving violent crimes such as murder, juveniles may be charged as an adult. The penalties for juveniles who are charged with a crime are also significantly less serious than the punishments for adults.

Common penalties for underage offenders most typically involve fines and probation, or a set amount of time in a designated residential rehabilitation facility. In most cases, juveniles will not have to spend any time in jail or prison, unless they have been charged and found guilty of extreme cases of violence. A conviction as a juvenile is very serious and can affect the individual’s future in a negative way. It is important to contact an Oklahoma criminal defense attorney immediately if your child has been charged with a crime. We will be able to explain the charges to you and come up with an aggressive defense strategy to try and minimize the punishment. These punishments can potentially harm your child’s future and reputation if not dealt with professionally. We will help you protect your child and look out for their future through a smart defense plan, so contact AMA Law today to get started!

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