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Oklahoma City Violent Crime Lawyer

Oklahoma City Violent Crime Lawyer

Contrary to what most people think, violent crimes are not limited to those that result in death or significant bodily injury. Even if no injury was committed, certain acts may be classified as violent crimes if they were done with an intent to kill.

If you are facing violent crime charges, you might be wondering what a violent crime is, how it’s treated in court, and what an Oklahoma City violent crime lawyer can do to protect your future.

What Is a Violent Crime?

Oklahoma Statutes §57-571 has an extensive list of acts that can be prosecuted as violent crimes. As opposed to other criminal charges like a DUI, sex crime, or white collar crime, violent crimes include murder, robbery, and assault, but they also include first-degree burglary, extortion, and eluding a peace officer to name a few.

The term “violent crime” also includes mere attempts to commit or conspiracy or solicitation to commit them, so it’s still possible to be prosecuted for a violent crime even if the intended act wasn’t accomplished.

What Are the Penalties for a Violent Crime?

Oklahoma usually prosecutes violent crimes as felonies, which are the most serious classification of crimes.

The exact penalties that can be imposed depend on the specific violent crime committed. Generally, felonies are those that are punishable either by death or by imprisonment in a state prison.

What Needs to Be Proven to Be Convicted for a Violent Crime?

Criminal cases require a higher degree of evidence compared to civil cases to result in a conviction.

For a successful prosecution, the State needs to prove you committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. At the preliminary hearing conference, the prosecutor may make a plea bargain recommendation to get a guilty plea and avoid trial altogether.

Pleading guilty is a difficult choice that requires extensive discussion. A violent crime lawyer can also help you in these instances by negotiating for better deals with the prosecution. This lets you make better and more informed decisions regarding your case.

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If you are being charged for violent crimes, the stakes are heftier than charges for misdemeanors and other nonviolent offenses. Convictions also stay on your criminal record, making it harder to seek employment or obtain housing.

All in all, a criminal conviction dramatically lowers your quality of life.

A violent crime lawyer can help inform you of your rights and available options throughout the legal process, so it’s important that you have one as early as possible. This lets you build your case and gather as much evidence as possible for your benefit.

At AMA Law, our Oklahoma City violent crime lawyers can evaluate your case to tailor your defense according to your specific circumstances. With an experienced violent crime lawyer at your side, you can maximize your defense and set yourself up for the best result possible.

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