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Transvaginal Mesh

If you or someone you love have sustained a serious injury due to transvaginal mesh, contact AMA Law today. Transvaginal mesh is used to repair or reinforce weakened areas within the vagina and in 2011 was exposed for causing serious complications for women. Sometimes referred to as surgical mesh or a vaginal sling, transvaginal mesh is permanently implanted transvaginally for numerous reasons. Although introduced in 1996, the FDA has warned that transvaginal mesh can cause eroding or may even perforate and rupture nearby organs. To learn more about transvaginal mesh lawsuits or to meet with one of our lawyers to see if you are eligible to file a claim, contact AMA Law today. We understand how devastating the side effects of transvaginal mesh can be and are committed to doing everything we can to help you receive justice and monetary compensation for your injuries.

Transvaginal Mesh Injuries

Transvaginal mesh is most commonly used for the following two conditions: Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) and Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). According to the FDA, the most frequent complications from the use of transvaginal mesh are as follows:

  • Erosion through vaginal epithelium
  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Urinary problems
  • Organ perforation
  • Chronic pelvic pain

In addition to the above listed complications, there have also been numerous reports of bowel, bladder, and blood vessel perforation as a result of the mesh being implanted. Some people have complained of vaginal scarring and mesh erosion resulting in severe discomfort and pain. When mesh complications occur, an additional surgery may be required in order to remove the mesh. In some cases, removing the mesh is impossible and leads to permanent injury.

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit

There have been tens of thousands of lawsuits filed against the providers and makers of transvaginal mesh since the FDA warned of the risks associated with it. If you or a loved one has been injured or died due to the surgical implantation of transvaginal mesh, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit. If you believe you are a victim of transvaginal mesh and would like to learn more about the side effects, risks, and your rights, it is important for you to seek experienced legal representation as soon as possible. Because some types of transvaginal mesh have been found to be defective and cause serious health issues, it is a good idea to meet with someone from our legal team to find out whether or not you have a case. In some cases, patients are left worse of medically as a result of the implantation of transvaginal mesh.

The FDA has refused to ban U.S. sales of transvaginal mesh products, despite their awareness of the risks and side effects associated with the mesh. To learn more about how AMA Law can help you receive compensation and justice for your injuries, please contact our law firm today.