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Oklahoma Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Oklahoma Sexual Harassment Lawyer

In 2020, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) received thousands of sexual harassment reports in workplaces. That excludes cases reported at the local and state levels. 

Unfortunately, these numbers don’t show the extent of sexual harassment that mostly occurs in work environments. Many other cases go unreported when victims are afraid of employer retaliation or aren’t aware that what they’re experiencing is sexual harassment. 

If you’re wondering whether your employer’s, supervisor’s, or colleague’s conduct amount to harassment, start by speaking with an Oklahoma sexual harassment lawyer at AMA Law. They’ll use their experience to determine whether you can report the case and whether you may be entitled to compensation

What Counts as Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual advances, requests for favors of a sexual nature, or any other physical and verbal behaviors that are sexually suggestive, occurring within the workplace

To qualify as sexual harassment, the following must be true:

Despite having a clear definition, it’s still not always easy to pinpoint sexual harassment. For instance, you may be unsure whether the behavior is severe enough, or to who you can turn. Your lawyer is here to answer these questions. 

Steps to Take if You Were Sexually Harassed

Sexual harassment can take a toll on your well-being and productivity both in and outside of work. Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself:

Remember, employers cannot compel victims into forced arbitration anymore and you may have a right to file a claim in a civil court as well. Your lawyer can help you determine your options in these cases. 

What to Expect from a Sexual Harassment Attorney

Most victims wonder whether it’s worth hiring a sexual harassment attorney before the EEOC gives a verdict to sue. According to the law, any claims of such behavior should be filed with the federal agency who’ll then investigate and determine whether you can file a lawsuit to recover damages. 

If you wait too long to speak with a legal professional, the outcome of the case may not favor you as you expected. 

From the beginning, a sexual harassment lawyer will guide you by determining whether your case amounts to harassment charges. They’ll advise you on the steps to take when reporting to your supervisor, and most importantly, ensure that you don’t make any mistakes that may cost you later.  

Get Ahold of a Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Oklahoma

On top of all the negative impacts that sexual harassment can have on a victim, the process leading to legal action is not straightforward either. You need an attorney who’s solely on your side and working for your best interests to protect your rights. 

A sexual harassment lawyer at AMA Law is ready to talk about and evaluate your case, starting with a free claim consultation. Dial 405-708-7789 to reach us or simply complete the contact form below.