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Jehovah’s Witnesses at Center of Sex Abuse Scandal Test

Recent lawsuits across the nation have uncovered the long history of child molestation within the church. Across the nation we have seen a string of lawsuits filed, many of which accuse Jehovah’s Witnesses of turning a blind eye to sex abuse allegations that involve minors.

The Jehovah’s Witness lawyers at AMA Law are following these cases closely and are prepared to fight for your rights if you have been victimized. We understand how sensitive these cases are and will do everything we can to ensure justice is served.

Who are Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Jehovah’s Witnesses are a Christian denomination with nontrinitarian beliefs based out of New York. Their learnings are based on interpretations of the Bible, often preaching that the present world will be destroyed by Armageddon.

A Long History of Sexual Abuse

A shocking report has revealed that there is a database with the names of tens of thousands of child molesters within Jehovah’s Witnesses. Elder members have worked tirelessly to make sure these names were kept within the organization. But thanks in part to numerous high profile lawsuits – one of which awarded the plaintiff $35 million – specific allegations against church members are coming to light.

One of the biggest problems with how Jehovah’s Witnesses have responded to sex abuse allegations is the church’s “two witness rule.” According to this policy, “no action shall be taken against the accused without at least two witnesses to his actions.” The two witness rule has created serious issues, as many victims of sexual abuse and other forms of misconduct have been unable to bring justice against their accuser because they do not have enough witnesses of the wrongdoing.

Bringing Justice Against Jehovah’s Witness Child Abusers

Criminal investigations and civil lawsuits are bringing to light the questionable actions of Jehovah’s Witness members and how they have covered up sexual abuse allegations. Thanks to these lawsuits, child abuse victims within Jehovah’s Witnesses are finally being heard. Plaintiffs in numerous lawsuits have said they reported the abuse to elder members, only to be told that the matter was being handled internally. In one such lawsuit, the elders removed the abuser from the congregation, only to reinstate him the next year.

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We only expect more victims to come forward with abuse allegations against Jehovah’s Witness members. Unfortunately, it is evident that elders within the organizations have mismanaged the allegations, often taking the side of child molesters and covering up the incident. If you have been abused by a Jehovah’s Witness clergy, please contact a lawyer at AMA Law today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. Our consultations are 100 percent confidential and provide you with a safe space to talk about the details of your case. We understand how difficult it may be to come forward, but justice can only be served when you take action. Contact AMA Law today.