Shared Parenting and Joint Custody

May 23, 2014
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Shared Parenting and Joint Custody

    Parents have the legal responsibility to protect and care for their children. If the child is a minor, it is up to the parents to provide for their children. When parents become separated or divorced, the subject of shared parenting may come up.

    Shared parenting and joint custody refer to child custody agreements in which the care of the child is equally shared or more than considerably shared between the biological parents.

    According to, Oklahoma has had child support guidelines since 1987. Those guidelines “determine the amounts of support that parents at particular family income levels are presumed to spend on the their children.”

    Found from, the Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines are based on:

    • Actual monthly income or income equivalent to a forty hour work week
    • Average monthly income while employed during the previous three years
    • Minimum wage paid for a forty-hour work week
    • Imputed monthly income for a person with comparable education, training and experience
    • For the self-employed, gross income is defined as “gross receipts minus ordinary and necessary expenses required for self-employment or business operations.”
    • According to the Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines, shared parenting schedules a “standard” time-sharing, visitation schedule. Each parent has physical custody of a child overnight for more than 120 nights each year.

    If one of the two parents, known as the obligor, shares the child for more than 120 visitation nights per year, a complicated formula is used to determine the child support for the other parent. The State of Oklahoma child support law guidelines presumes the obligor parent is spending more to care for the child so the formula is used to adjust child custody payments. The more overnights, the greater adjustment.

    So what if you are above the guidelines listed? According to, “The child support guideline schedule goes to $15,000 per month total combined income. For parents who make more than that, child support is computed using the maximum from the guideline schedule.”

    Courts have established different methods for support when dealing with high-income cases. Child support is based solely on the child’s needs. Child needs include: food, shelter, clothing, dental, medical, activities, etc.

    To understand shared parenting in Oklahoma in more detail please refer to AMA Law Family Law Attorneys. Please contact us to review your case today.Shared Parenting and Joint Custody

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