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Stillwater Personal Injury Lawyer

Stillwater Personal Injury Lawyer

What do you do when you suffer a physical injury due to a car accident, botched medical procedure, slip-and-fall, or other incident? What do you do when a traumatic event damages your state of mind because of someone else’s negligence? Most people may want to be compensated, but they may not know how to go about it. It is for this reason why your local  Stillwater personal injury lawyer exists.

Contrary to popular belief, injury law does not only involve sports or a car accident injury. It is a broad term that includes any of the following damages, among others:

Though the law can protect you if you have been injured in one of the above ways or something similar, not everyone will have a case that will stand up in court. For example, if you have a common cold, you can not file a personal injury case even though sickness is a form of personal injury. 

For this reason, we advise that you get the services of a qualified Stillwater personal injury attorney to guide you through the technicalities.

What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

Contrary to popular belief, the term “personal injury claim” is not only synonymous with physical injuries. It is a legal term that describes damages that one can suffer from via their emotions, body, or mind. Some examples of personal injury-related damages that we commonly seek on behalf of our clients are:

Types of Personal Injury Claims

When you are involved in an accident, you might be confused about what to do next. For this reason, we advise you immediately seek medical assistance and then call a reputable personal injury attorney.  There are several types of personal injury claims that you can file. 

Some types of personal injury claims that you can file are nursing home abuse claims, social security disability claims, defective products claims, and wrongful death lawsuits, to name a few. Since injury claims are technical, we advise you to only deal with a reputable and trustworthy attorney.

Potential Compensation for Winning a Personal Injury Case

Injuries are costly in terms of time and money. For example, if you are in an accident, you can spend months in a hospital and years recovering. Depending on the nature of your injuries and how well your advocate represents your case, the payment you receive for this suffering can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars.

There are two types of compensation that you should expect. The first one is damages that come with a specific and measurable dollar amount. An example of this is a medical bill and the cost of lost wages due to an injury. The second damage you can expect is non-economic damages. An example of these are damages caused by emotional distress, pain, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Get in Touch with a Stillwater Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury laws are complex and require an advocate who understands their technicalities and how to work with them. The advocate you hire must have a keen eye for detail and must understand the different types of evidence required to make a case strong.

If you are in Stillwater and would like to get advice from a qualified Stillwater personal injury lawyer, contact AMA Law by dialing 405-708-7789. You can also set a free consultation appointment by contacting us via our contact form.