Three Common Motorcycle Injuries

Dec 08, 2014
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Three Common Motorcycle Injuries

    Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents take place every single day in Oklahoma. Whether due to reckless riding, poor weather conditions, or distracted drivers, these types of accidents can result in serious injury or even death. Riding a motorcycle is both dangerous and a thrill, which is why it is important to be prepared in the event of an accident.

    In doing so, you are giving yourself a better chance of avoiding injury if involved in an accident. There are many different injuries that riders may be faced with after an accident, some of which are more common than others. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident and has sustained a serious injury, please contact a personal injury lawyer from AMA Law today. Our knowledgeable Oklahoma lawyers will do everything we can to ensure you receive the justice and compensation you deserve for your injuries.

    Understanding what some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries are will help you prepare for the possibility by taking necessary precautions. From head injuries to road rash, we will go over the top motorcycle accident injuries below.

    Top Injuries from a Motorcycle Accident

    Here is a look at the top injuries sustained by those involved in a motorcycle accident:

    1. Head Injury

    Head injuries are perhaps the most common, and serious, injuries sustained by motorcycle riders. This may include a concussion or even brain damage, depending on the severity of the accident. Due to this fact, it is extremely important that motorcycle riders wear a helmet at all times. While there are cases where riders still suffer a head injury even when wearing a helmet, the chances of this happening are significantly reduced. With this, neck injuries are also common injuries. Neck injuries can paralyze or even kill a person, which is why the head and neck should always be protected.

    1. Road Rash

    Another common motorcycle accident injury is road rash. This happens when a rider slides across the pavement after an accident, or when they fly over the handlebars of the bike due to impact and the concrete comes in contact with any exposed skin. If the clothing is thin enough, the concrete may even scape away layers of clothes and reach the skin underneath. This type of injury may result in permanent damage, such as skin irritations, infections, and surface nerve damage. To keep this from happening, riders should wear clothes that will better protect them, such as knee pads, gloves, and leather jackets.

    1. Leg Injury

    Injuries to the legs, knees, and feet are common from motorcycle accidents. These types of injuries are usually not fatal, however, they are very serious and may turn into something worse if not addressed right away. Injuries to the lower extremities may include broken, shattered, or fractured bones or knees, scrapes, large cuts, or severe bruising.

    To learn more about motorcycle accident injuries or to set up an appointment with a personal injury lawyer from AMA Law, please contact our Oklahoma law firm today. 

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