Top Child Custody Mistakes

Oct 31, 2014
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Top Child Custody Mistakes

    When it comes to a child custody dispute, there are many easy mistakes that can be made that will ruin your chances of being awarded full or partial custody.

    In many cases, people suffer from a lack of knowledge or allow their emotions to get the best of them, leading to unnecessary mistakes. Even for the most well-intentioned parent, going to court and fighting for your right to spend time with your child can be trying, to say the least. Because of how emotionally charged these types of cases are, it is always best to retain a family law attorney who has experience working custody battles.

    Most Common Mistakes Made in Child Custody Battles

    As mentioned above, it is quite common for mistakes to be made during child custody battles that affect a parent’s ability to receive custody or visitation rights. In order to avoid making one of these costly mistakes, we thought it would be helpful to go over the three most common:

    • Letting Emotions Rule

    Fact: Child custody disputes are emotionally draining. Emotions oftentimes are not kept under control and get in the way of making clear, logical decisions. In order to win a custody battle, you must have the ability to set aside your anger and make an effort to react to conflict with a clear and calm head. Many child custody cases are lost because of irrational and inappropriate outbursts.

    • Failure to Prepare

    One of the fastest ways to lose a child custody case is failing to properly prepare. You should make a point to meet with your lawyer and clearly outline your goals and objectives. With this, you should have all the necessary documents in an organized, safe place that you will be able to access with ease. Your lawyer will want to go over every document and statement so that there is no question regarding its accuracy.

    • Giving Up

    Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes people make in custody battles is giving up. If you receive a verdict that is not in your favor, you should never throw in the towel, especially in an initial evaluation or first custodial order.

    It is critical that you remain persistent and show how important it is for you to receive some level of custody of your children. You should also discuss alternate strategies with your Oklahoma family law attorney in order to ensure all possibilities have been exhausted.

    Child custody cases are not easy for any of the parties involved. If you find yourself in this situation contact a family law attorney from AMA Law so that we can sit down and get started on your case immediately. Avoiding the above listed mistakes will also help ensure you are doing everything possible to retain the right to continue to be a part of your child’s life.



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