Understanding the Different Types of Sex Crimes

Jan 12, 2015
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Understanding the Different Types of Sex Crimes

    Sex crimes are serious offenses that are characterized by a person engaging in a sexual act on another person who has not given or is incapable of giving consent. These offenses come with harsh penalties and are typically prosecuted at the federal level.

    AMA Law is a sex crime law firm who is committed to representing individuals throughout Oklahoma who have been affected by these types of illegal acts. Examples of sex crimes include rape, molestation, prostitution, and indecent exposure, to name a few. Those who have been convicted of a sex crime will most likely be required by law to register in the sex offender database, where details of their case and conviction are available to the general public 24 hours per day.

    This is just one example of the level of seriousness these types of cases come with. If you are facing charges for any kind of sexual offense in Oklahoma, you are at risk of going through the rest of your life with a mark on you. A highly qualified sex crime lawyer from AMA Law may be able to help you and have the charges lessened, if not dropped.

    Different Types of Sex Crimes

    • Molestation or Lewd Act with a Minor

    This type of offense refers to any lewd or lascivious act that involves a person under the age of 14 and is characterized by the intent of arousing, appealing to, or gratifying the lust or sexual desires of that person or the child.

    • Rape

    Rape charges are filed when sexual intercourse or contact occurs without the consent of the victim. With this type of charge, violence, duress, menace, or fear of harm is usually present.

    • Statutory Rape

    This type of charge occurs when sexual intercourse takes place with a female below the legal age of consent (18) but above the age of a child (14). Statutory rape charges can be filed regardless of whether or not the sexual act with consensual. There are additional laws and penalties when a person of authority, such as a teacher, priest, or well-respected community member, engages in sexual relations with a person under the age of 18.

    • Date Rape

    Date rape is characterized by forcible sexual intercourse by a male of a woman. Cases of date rape take place during a voluntary social engagement, such as a date, in which the victim is forced to participate in sexual acts unwillingly.

    • Possession or Distribution of Child Pornography

    These charges are filed when pornographic materials featuring any individual under the age of 18 are either viewed or distributed.

    • Prostitution

    These types of charges can be either felonies or misdemeanors and are filed when an individual either gives or receives money for sexual intercourse or another sexual act.

    • Indecent Exposure

    Indecent exposure charges are filed when an individual or individuals participate in public sexual acts or expose their genitals in a public place.

    Sex crimes are very serious and come with hefty fines, jail time, and public humiliation. If you have been the victim of a sex crime or find yourself being charged with a sex offense in Oklahoma, please contact a sex crime attorney from AMA Law today.



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