Birth Defect Lawsuit Filed Against Depakote Maker Abbott Laboratories

May 24, 2014
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Birth Defect Lawsuit Filed Against Depakote Maker Abbott Laboratories

    A Depakote birth defect lawsuit has been filed against Abbott Laboratories, the maker of the allegedly defective anticonvulsant drug, in the St. Clair County Circuit Court in Illinois. The plaintiff, Susan DeMatteo, is one of more than a dozen mothers who have brought complaints against Abbott, claiming that the firm’s controversial epilepsy medication caused their child to be born with devastating birth defects when taken during pregnancy. If you took Depakote while pregnant and your child was born with a life-altering birth defect like spina bifida or a heart malformation, contact our reputable Depakote attorneys at AMA Law to discuss your legal options. The birth defects allegedly linked to Depakote can result in long-term pain and suffering and costly medical bills. Our team of skilled drug injury lawyers at AMA Law can help you pursue the compensation you need to ensure your child receives the care he or she needs now and in the future.


    The recent Depakote lawsuit was filed by Susan DeMatteo on September 6, 2012, and was assigned case number 12-L-462. The suit joins a number of other complaints filed by former Depakote patients who allege that their children were born with serious malformations as a result of using the anticonvulsant medication during the early stages of their pregnancies. Unfortunately, the potential for Depakote to cause neural tube birth defects, spina bifida and other birth defects in exposed children isn’t a new issue. Considerable research has examined the alleged link between Depakote and severe congenital malformations in recent years, indicating that the active ingredient in Depakote – valproic acid – may cause significant harm to a child whose mother takes the drug while pregnant.


    In response to the risk of birth defects potentially linked to the anticonvulsant drug, the FDA issued a Depakote warning in 2009, notifying consumers “about the increased risk of major birth defects in babies exposed to valproate sodium [Depakote] and related products during pregnancy.” According to the agency, “There is an increased risk of neural tube birth defects, such as defects of the brain and spinal cord, and other major birth defects, such as craniofacial defects (abnormally formed face and skull enclosing the brain) and cardiovascular malformations (abnormally formed heart or blood vessels), in babies exposed to valproate sodium [Depakote] and related products during pregnancy.” Due to this risk, the FDA has labeled Depakote a pregnancy Category D medication, which means there is positive human evidence of the drug’s potential to interrupt fetal development and cause devastating birth defects.


    The court documents allege that the defendant in the recent Depakote lawsuit, Abbott Laboratories, was negligent in the manufacture and distribution of its anticonvulsant drug, which is commonly prescribed to patients suffering from epileptic seizures or migraine headaches. The plaintiffs involved in the case are seeking compensatory damages for past and future medical expenses, court costs and past and future loss of income related to the alleged Depakote birth defects. If your child has suffered from a serious birth defect and you believe the anti-epileptic drug Depakote to be the cause, contact our knowledgeable Depakote lawyers at AMA Law to explore your compensation options. You may be entitled to reimbursement for your child’s injuries, which you can pursue by filing a Depakote lawsuit against Abbott Laboratories.

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