Breaking Down Supplemental Security Income Benefits

Feb 13, 2015
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Breaking Down Supplemental Security Income Benefits

    Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a needs-based program that provides a monthly income to individuals who are blind, elderly, or disabled. If you have a disability or were permanently injured and cannot work, you may be eligible for SSI. In order to qualify, you must be disabled, have worked in the past, and paid social security taxes. To find out more about eligibility, please contact an Oklahoma social security lawyer. Here at AMA Law, we believe that all disabled individuals should be entitled to government benefits. Our legal team is dedicated to representing people throughout Oklahoma on these matters, doing everything in our power to ensure they are following proper procedures and supplying all the correct information to receive benefits. Below we will go over what some of the factors in determining SSI benefits are, as well as what to do if you need to appeal a denied claim, in order to give you a better understanding of what to expect when applying for them.

    Factors in Determining SSI Benefits

    According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), there are several factors that contribute to the amount of SSI benefits an individual will receive. The SSI program can be difficult to qualify for financially, as it has very low incomes limits and asset limits.

    • Earned Income Exclusion. If you still earn an income, you can deduct a specified amount of that income before it gets subtracted from your SSI payment. You are allowed to deduct $65 of your earned income, plus an additional $20 for earned and unearned income, and then deduct half of the remainder income. At this point, just the remainder income will be taken out of your SSI monthly payment.
    • In-kind Support and Maintenance. If you receive SSI benefits and another person is providing you with shelter and/or food that you don’t pay for, it will be counted as income and subtracted from your SSI payment. This means that your monthly SSI payment will be reduced for “in-kind support and maintenance”, as the SSA relies on the thought process that you don’t need the full SSI payment since someone else is providing you with food and shelter.

    Appealing a Denied SSI Claim

    While many people contact our Oklahoma law firm once they have been denied SSI benefits, we encourage you to contact us before you file the first time in order to ensure everything is properly submitted. If you have been denied SSI benefits, one of our knowledgeable social security lawyers will be able to help you through the appeals process. It is important to note that there are strict deadlines to appeal the decision, and once the deadline has passed, you are out of luck.

    Please contact, AMA Law immediately if your request for SSI benefits have been denied, as we will help you understand your rights and jump into action. SSI benefits can be a tricky subject, which is why it is important for you to retain the services of an Oklahoma social security lawyer from AMA Law in the event you need to apply for them.


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