The First 48 Hours After You’ve Been Arrested for a DUI

Apr 27, 2017
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    The First 48 Hours After You’ve Been Arrested for a DUI

    Being arrested for a DUI offense in Oklahoma is a stressful and traumatic event. During the arrest and in the hours and days afterwards, you’re likely to face challenges both legal and emotional. Fortunately, you’re not alone. DUI arrests are some of the most common criminal offenses in the state of Oklahoma. Many people just like you have gone through the DUI arrest process without extreme penalties, and getting arrested for driving under the influence doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person.

    However, it is critical that you act quickly and rationally during and immediately after a DUI or DUI arrest. Here at AMA Law, our Oklahoma DUI attorneys have handled hundreds of DUI/DUI cases successfully. Below are some of the tips we’d advise everyone to follow after a DUI arrest.

    Don’t Volunteer Information

    If you’re being arrested or questioned about driving under the influence, know that sharing too much information with the arresting officer will rarely work in your favor. Police officers will almost always ask questions including “How many drinks have you had today?” and similar. You’re not obligated to answer, and in most cases, the best response is to politely decline to answer.

    Furthermore, you’re not obligated to perform any sort of field sobriety test, including “walking in a straight line” and similar. Ultimately, choosing to perform or decline such tests is your choice. In general, however, once you’ve been pulled over for a DUI, you’ll get arrested no matter what you do. Declining field sobriety tests gives the state less evidence.

    Understanding the Blood-Alcohol Test

    Unlike other tests or questions an arresting officer may request, you cannot effectively decline a blood-alcohol test. By driving in Oklahoma, you have already given “implied consent” to a blood-alcohol test. However, you can ask that you be tested at the police station, rather than using a portable test.

    Choosing to take the test at the police station may work in your favor as the time it takes to get to the station allows your body to process any alcohol you may have consumed. It also ensures you’ll get a more accurate test.

    Once Released, Review the Details  

    Your lawyer will want to know every detail of your case that you can remember. As soon as possible, write down the facts, like exactly when and where you were stopped, where you were and what you had been doing prior to the arrest, what you said to the arresting officer, what the officer said to you, and so on. Even a minor detail may prove relevant to your DUI lawyer as the case moves forward.

    Hire an Experienced DUI Lawyer

    Having a proven DUI/DUI attorney on your side is the most important step you can take to obtain a favorable legal outcome. Do your research and hire a lawyer that specializes in Oklahoma DUI law. It’s important not to wait – your lawyer needs to act quickly to ensure you get fair treatment.

    If you’ve been recently arrested for a DUI in Oklahoma, don’t panic, and don’t hesitate. Contact the proven legal team at AMA Law today. A DUI won’t ruin your life if you act fast and smart. Click here to email a lawyer right away.

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