Have You Been Injured In A Trucking Accident?

Oct 12, 2017
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Have You Been Injured In A Trucking Accident?

    Trucking Accident Lawyers in Oklahoma Know About This

    Personal Injury Attorney Jeff Atkins, knows the difference and catastrophic cases that occur as a result of trucking accidents.  He’s been practicing law for over 25 years, and knows first hand the impact accidents involving 18-wheelers can have on people’s lives.

    The focus of his practice has seen an increasing number of traffic collisions involving personal injury related to trucking accidents.

    Usually A Truck Crash Is Not like a Car Crash, especially when a truck crashes into a smaller car. And what is a continuing problem in the trucking industry, says the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Highway Loss Data Institute (IIHS-HLDI), is that truck drivers routinely drive in excess of the permitted 77 hours a week.

    It appears that the technological advancements for cars has seen a reduction in car accidents. However, the same cannot be said for trucks  and slowing down the number of truck crashes on the highways.

    According to IIHS, deaths resulting from truck accidents have seen a spike of over 14% from recent years. It doesn’t appear to be any one factor tht is contributing to the rise in trucking accident fatalities, but the deaths from passenger cars that collide with trucks is increasing.

    So while the number of deaths from car crashes has been going down, the fatalities from 18-wheel accidents has been going up.

    And the recent statistics show, that about one in ten highway crash fatalities involves a large truck of some sort. Usually when there is a truck crash, the people that suffer the most injuries or death, are the passengers in the cars.

    The main reason for this, is because a truck is 20 or 30 times the weight of a passenger car. Attorney Jeff Atkins from AMA Law’s job is to get compensation for those individuals who are often catastrophically injured in trucking accidents.

    Whenever we see a tractor trailer wreck, often times we also see multiple serious injuries or multiple fatalities. And so once the medical bills start to pile up on these types of truck accidents, they can reach into the millions of dollars really fast.

    Most of the big trucking companies will have more than a million dollars in liability insurance for their truck drivers. However, because of the  deregulated in the trucking industry in the past 2 decades, trucking companies are legally allowed to operate with as little as $750,000 in liability insurance.

    A truck crash on the highways is often times much worse that the typical car crash. Therefore, you need an experience truck accident attorney that can Litigate on your behalf against the trucking industry. Our attorneys at AMA Law Law Firm have the experience to handle these 18 wheeler truck accidents and know how to get the best possible compensation for our clients.

    Usually whenever you take on the cases of these bad truck wrecks, when there are three to five people injured or killed, the normal limits on the liability insurance is not enough to cover the medical expenses alone. That is why you need an experienced trucking litigation attorney that knows where to look for the extra compensation required for the people involved in these horrific crashes.

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