Mirena IUD Lawsuit Filed After Surgical Removal of Intrauterine Device Required

May 24, 2014
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Mirena IUD Lawsuit Filed After Surgical Removal of Intrauterine Device Required

    Yet another lawsuit has been filed against Bayer Healthcare over problems with its Mirena IUD birth control, alleging that a New York woman required surgery to remove the device after she discovered that it had perforated her uterus more than two years after it was implanted. The complaint was filed by Julie Cantor Miller and her husband, Jonathan Miller, on February 21 in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. If you or a loved one has been adversely affected by a potentially dangerous medical device like Bayer’s Mirena IUD, contact our knowledgeable attorneys at AMA Law for legal help. You may have grounds to file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturing company, in order to pursue financial compensation for your injuries and medical bills.


    The Mirena IUD was introduced by Bayer Healthcare in 2000, as a long-acting form of birth control that is implanted in the uterus for pregnancy prevention. The device is designed to remain in place for up to five years, but a growing number of lawsuits have been filed against Bayer in recent years over Mirena migration problems. According to some women, the small T-shaped Mirena device perforated their uterine wall and migrated to other parts of their body, causing infections or other problems. In many cases, this results in the woman requiring surgery to remove the Mirena device, often leaving her with permanent injuries.


    According to Miller’s complaint and a number of other Mirena lawsuits, Bayer allegedly failed to provide sufficient warnings for consumers or medical professionals about the risk of “spontaneous” migration with the birth control device, which may occur long after the device is implanted. In her lawsuit, Miller states that she received a Mirena IUD implant in June 2009, and neither she nor her doctor had any reason to suspect that the device was not in its proper place. However, nearly two years later, in April 2011, Miller’s doctor informed her that the Mirena IUD had perforated her uterus. As a result, Miller required laparoscopic surgery to retrieve the device, which had migrated outside the uterus and into the body cavity. According to Miller, the Mirena problems caused her pain and suffering and left her with severe and permanent injuries.


    Miller’s lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages, and accuses Bayer of negligence, defective manufacturing, defective design, misrepresentation, failure to warn, breach of warranty, failure to adequately test the birth control device and fraud. If you have suffered injuries caused by Bayer’s Mirena IUD device, or another potentially defective medical device, consult our reputable lawyers at AMA Law to discuss your legal options. You may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries, current and future medical bills, and pain and suffering, which you can pursue by filing a product liability lawsuit against the medical device maker. With our experienced attorneys on your side, you can seek fair and timely reimbursement for your injuries and protect yourself and your family from further harm.

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