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Oklahoma City Medical Device Injury Lawyer

Oklahoma City Medical Device Injury Lawyer

Technology is seeping into every part of our lives. It’s now more important than ever to have an Oklahoma City medical device injury lawyer on your side that’s able to help those who have been injured by a defective product.

For many, it has become difficult to figure out what’s safe and what isn’t when it comes to consumer products. Just like a defective drug, a medical device may cause an injury or death when it fails to work as expected, or because it was designed or manufactured poorly. 

Each year in Oklahoma City, hundreds of hospital discharges and visits to outpatient clinics result in the patient leaving with some kind of device. In addition, there are countless more surgical procedures done as well as the use of diagnostic imaging equipment, which also falls under the medical device injury category.

Being injured by a medical device that was supposed to help you is devastating and confusing. An Oklahoma City medical device injury lawyer will assist you in getting compensated for your suffering. If you or a loved one have been hurt by a medical device, contact our team at AMA Law. 

Medical Device Injury Need to Know

Some medical devices are more likely to cause injury than others, such as airway tubes used in anesthesia, artificial hearts, valves, hips, and joints, adhesive removers, to name a few.

The majority of injuries in Oklahoma City are from devices that have been around a long time. Newer devices tend to have fewer problems mainly because they have been used in clinical trials before being approved. But as long as there are new products approved for use every year, which is actually a good thing, there will also be a steady trickle of medical device injuries and deaths in Oklahoma. 

Medical Device Recalls

When a medical device is recalled due to a flaw or defect, makers of those defective products can be held liable for whatever loss you’ve suffered. Recalls are issued for sometimes surprising reasons. Consider the latest recall from Medtronic.

The company recalled remote controls for Paradigm and 508 MiniMed insulin pumps due to cybersecurity risks leading to medical device injuries. The flaw allowed unauthorized persons to instruct the pump to stop insulin or deliver too much, which could lead to elevated blood sugar levels, diabetic ketoacidosis, and possibly death.

Reaching Out to an Oklahoma City Medical Device Injury Lawyer

A medical device injury lawyer in Oklahoma will work to make sure the responsible party is held accountable. Many times this process can be lengthy and complex, so it’s important that you find an attorney who understands how to negotiate and litigate your claim according to Oklahoma law.

With the help of an Oklahoma medical device injury lawyer, you can receive a financial settlement to ease the burden. Schedule a free consultation with our skilled attorneys at AMA Law by calling 405-708-7789 or fill out our form online to find out what your options are and the best way to approach your case.