Oklahoma Doctor Wins Botox Lawsuit

May 23, 2014
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Oklahoma Doctor Wins Botox Lawsuit

    An Oklahoma County jury awarded $15 million to Dr. Sharla Helton, an Oklahoma City doctor who suffered botulism and side effects after a 2006 injection of Botox. As a result of the injections, Helton suffered pain and weakness that forced her to sell her medical practice and step down as a medical director of an Oklahoma hospital. The jury found Botox Cosmetics was negligent in failing to provide sufficient warnings about potential side effects.

    What Are The Side Effects of Botox?

    Botox is a purified and diluted form of botulism, a neurotoxin, commonly used in elective cosmetic procedures. In 2008 the Food and Drug Administration issued a public health warning after reports of deaths, breathing problems and other dangerous side effects caused by Botox. These side effects could be serious and need immediate medical attention.

    Signs of Botox’s toxin effect, botulism, include:

    Muscle weakness
    Double vision
    Blurred vision
    Droopy eyelids
    Voice changes
    Speech problems
    Loss of bladder control
    Difficulty breathing
    Difficulty swallowing
    What Should I Do if I Suffer Side Effects from Botox?

    While people are conditioned to trust their doctors and the drug companies to be sure the products are safe, it is not always true. People like Dr. Sharla Helton suffer because they are not given adequate warning about the dangers of drugs like Botox. And as a result, she lost her livelihood as a medical practitioner. But by contacting a legal professional, she was able to hold the responsible parties accountable and achieve justice.

    If you or someone you love has been injured by Botox injections, you need to take action. Contact the defective drugs lawyers at the Oklahoma law firm of AMA Law today to schedule an initial consultation.

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