Oklahoma Dog Bite Law

May 23, 2014
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Oklahoma Dog Bite Law

    Dog bites can cause serious injury to people everywhere. In the state of Oklahoma, dog bite laws are under the Title 4 of Oklahoma Statutes. These laws are clear and easily understandable. “Oklahoma dog bite law states that dog owners are responsible for the actions of their pets and can be held liable for injuries,” according to the dog bite website, www.oklahomadogbitecenter.com.

    Oklahoma dog bites laws that apply include the following:

    § 4-42.1. Personal injury by dog—liability of the owner. It is the owners responsibility for any damages that occurs or has occurred when his dog bites or injures any person while the person is in a place or on a place where the person has a right to be. The owner is fully liable.

    § 4-42.2. Lawful presence on owner’s property, what constitutes—Public place. A public place includes any and all public building, parks, playground and recreational facilities, and any and all places of business, amusement or entertainment, which are privately owned where merchandise, property, services, entertainment or facilities are offered for sale, hire, lease, or use. For private property, the owner can still be liable for those individuals who do performance of any duty on the property based on the laws of the state.

    • People who read meters
    • Make repairs to any public utility or service located on the premises
    • When working on the private property at the request of the owner
    • Any person entering the property on invitation
    • Postal workers

    § 4-42.3. Exceptions to application of act—Existing rights and liabilities.

    This act does not apply to all rural areas of the state of Oklahoma.
    This act does not apply to any cities or towns that do not have city or village United states mail delivery service.
    Nothing in this will be interpreted as diminishing any right or liability for injury by dog bites now existing under the laws of this state.

    The top ten dog breeds responsible for causing the highest number of fatalities in the United States are, according to www.oklahomadogbitecenter.com:

    • Pit Bull types
    • Rottweilers
    • German Shepherds
    • Husky types
    • Malamutes
    • Doberman Pinschers
    • Chow Chows
    • Great Danes
    • Saint Bernards
    • Wolf-Dog hybrid types (crossbred)

    Any dog is capable of biting, but the above ten are associated with being the most aggressive and dangerous. Not all dog bites are fatal or cause injury. Most bites happened to children under the age of 18.

    It is important to know, a dog can cause injury, not only to a human, but to small dogs as well.

    Reasons a dog may attack:

    • Neglect
    • Mistreatment
    • Bad temperament
    • Being provoked or threatened


    Oklahoma law states that you, as an owner, are responsible for your dog attacking anyone on public property. If on private property and the dog attacks a person invited there or working for government agencies (i.e. postal worker), you are liable for their injuries.

    If you are found liable for your dog’s actions, you may be sought out for the following:

    • Emergency-related medical treatment and medications
    • Future medical treatment needs like scar reduction surgery
    • Psychological counseling to help cope with the traumatic event and fear
    • Lost wages
    • If you feel you or a family member has been violated talk to our personal injury lawyers at AMA Law today. To ensure your rights are protected, it is important you contact an attorney as soon as possible after the incident occurs. Contact AMA Law today.

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