Oklahoma Shoplifting Laws & Penalties

May 24, 2014
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Oklahoma Shoplifting Laws & Penalties

    Shoplifting is among the most common theft crime allegation and one that can be charged against people from all walks of life. Whether criminal allegations arise as the result of an honest mistake or a lapse of judgment, accused individuals can face serious penalties and repercussion. In Oklahoma, shoplifting is defined as larceny – or the of merchandise from a retailer without the intent to pay.

    Those who stand accused of shoplifting can face a range of penalties that may include terms of imprisonment, fines, probation, and community service, among others. Oklahoma classifies larceny into two degrees; petit larceny and grand larceny:

    Petit Larceny

    Petit larceny occurs when the property stolen is valued at less than $500. A majority of shoplifting cases are considered petit larceny. Individuals who are convicted of this offense face up to $500 in fines, six months imprisonment, or both.

    Grand Larceny

    Grand larceny is classified as the theft of property valued at more than $500, or when property is taken directly from another person. Shoplifting charges involving grand larceny can subject individuals to fines and up to five years in prison, depending on the circumstances of a case.

    Multiple Convictions

    As with most crimes, shoplifting is an offense in which penalties can be made more severe if accused individuals have prior larceny convictions on their record. If you or a loved one faces shoplifting charges and have already been convicted of larceny in the past, you may face increased fines and longer terms of imprisonment. Anyone who has a prior conviction should be focused on working with experienced Oklahoma criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible.

    Shoplifting is a serious offense and should be treated accordingly by individuals who stand accused. Aside from criminal and financial penalties, having a conviction on one’s record can be a source of future burdens and limitations, especially when it comes to finding employment. If you or someone you care about has recently been charged with shoplifting in Oklahoma – including petit larceny or grand larceny – do not hesitate to contact a criminal defense lawyer in Oklahoma. Call AMA Law at 405-256-2606 or fill out a free case evaluation form.

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