Rider Dies From Injuries Sustained During Motorcycle Accident

May 24, 2014
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Rider Dies From Injuries Sustained During Motorcycle Accident

    A motorcycle rider recently died this Sunday in an Oklahoma City hospital as the result of injuries suffered during a motorcycle accident. According to the Oklahoma Highway patrol, a 66 year-old male resident of Canute was critically injured during a single-motorcycle crash that occurred in a construction zone in Custer County last Monday. As stated by local troopers, the man was traveling north on State Highway 183 near Clinton when, in an attempt to avoid a construction worker, the man lost control of his motorcycle. According to reports gathered at the scene of the accident, the man entered a closed traffic lane covered in oil in an effort to avoid a nearby construction worker. He lost control and was fatally injured in the accident. No others were hurt.


    Just as with any state in the nation, Oklahoma routinely plays host to fatal motorcycle accidents. With limited protection, motorcycle riders face the highest rates of injuries and fatalities during motor vehicle accidents. As in the case of the man from Canute, motorcycle riders also commonly suffer catastrophic injuries which, when not fatal, can still create life-altering physical damages and long-term limitations. This tragic incident serves to highlight the fact that even the most seasoned and experienced motorcyclists still face tremendous risks and dangers on public roads and highways.

    There is no denying the fact that injured riders face overwhelming burdens in the wake of injury-causing accidents. Even single-vehicle accidents, which account for nearly half of all fatal motorcycle accidents, produce devastating results. From medical expenses and lost work wages to the emotional repercussions that arise from serious and fatal accidents, victims and their families can suffer numerous and profound damages. As a result, they deserve the right to explore their options for compensation from the at-fault party. While investigations into last week’s accident are still underway, there is always the potential that unsafe roadway conditions and the construction site itself played a contributing role in the accident.


    This incident also serves to demonstrate the many dangers inherent to construction sites. As reports have stated that the accident was caused when the man attempted to avoid a construction worker, questions should be raised as to whether the construction site was sufficiently marked off, whether the rider knew that the site was ahead, and whether any failings of the construction workers or construction company contributed to the accident. In such cases, victims and families who have had loved ones injured near or in construction sites should always seek competent assistance from personal injury lawyers who can aid in conducting investigations that establish the cause of the accident and who can be held at fault.


    Motorcycle accidents and construction accidents are regular occurrences throughout Oklahoma and the nation. Injured victims and their families who believe that these accidents were caused by another party should always take preemptive measures to secure the support and assistance of proven personal injury lawyers. At AMA Law, our Oklahoma personal injury lawyers have spent collective decades guiding injured motorcycle riders and families through the personal injury and wrongful death claim process and toward the compensation they rightfully deserve. If you or your loved one has suffered damages in a motorcycle accident or construction accident in Oklahoma, then place your trust in a firm that has the experience and passion to fight for full and fair compensation.

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