Scooter Injury Accidents Are Coming In Fast & Furious In Big Cities

Sep 19, 2018
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Scooter Injury Accidents Are Coming In Fast & Furious In Big Cities

    More Than Just a Toy: Scooter Accidents

    Since being on the rise since early last year, electric scooters have taken big metropolitan areas by storm. While most people have seen scooters as a fun and easy way to ride around town, there is more to these seemingly fun scooters. The rise in the popularity of scooters can be joined by the rise of scooter accidents, turning these seemingly fun rides into a trip to the hospital. Making a ride on a scooter more than the trip you bargained for.

    Keep reading to learn how scooter rides can turn into more than just a fun trip to your desired destination, and how the team at AMA Law may be able to help you.

    Safety First, Until You Get Injured

    You probably think that there isn’t much into riding a scooter, how hard can it really possibly be? While these scooter companies pride themselves on caring about your safety and making it their number one priority, as soon as you get into an accident you are no longer their responsibility. What becomes a priority to them is making sure that you understand and know that you are at fault. One of the ways these scooter companies try to make sure they don’t get stuck paying the bill for any accidents is their user terms and agreement.

    The User Terms and Agreements

    The user terms and agreements that scooter companies create protect the companies and not the user of the scooters. Regrettably, people don’t find this out until it is too late and they have been in an unfortunate incident. One of the main reasons why they are protected is because, in their user terms and agreements, you are being forced to agree that if you use the scooter and anything happens, you cannot sue. They have an arbitration clause that makes this able to happen, all scooter companies are making a point to have one so that way they won’t have lawsuits on their hands. To see if the user terms and agreements you signed has an arbitration clause and to take a closer look, contact AMA Law for a free consultation.

    False Sense of Security

    One way scooter companies make you feel safe enough to ride a scooter is how they set up the process in renting a scooter and the rules and regulations they have:

    They require you to first sign up

    1. Scan your driver’s license to make sure you are the appropriate age
    2. In-app tutorials and safety rules that you can go over
    3. Must wear a helmet
    4. Always ride in a bike lane or sidewalk

    Some scooters even have their safety rules printed on the scooter itself. However, while every safety opportunity is there for you to browse and learn, that still isn’t enough. Many things can go wrong or could happen, when riding one of these scooters. Having safety rules and regulations plastered everywhere is just one feature for them to make you feel safe and secure.

    While you can have all the safety training and guidelines in front of you, and for you to use and learn, that doesn’t mean that any incidents or misfortunes can happen. The scooter itself can be the reason something goes wrong, not just you. The scooter’s brake couldn’t work or stop working, or the acceleration pedal could get stuck, and while these companies have mechanics that work of these machines, they aren’t your typical kind of mechanics.

    In fact, anyone can be a mechanic for specific scooter companies. For example, for one company all you have to do to be a mechanic for them is watch some tutorials and videos for how to fix their scooters. After these videos are watched, you get sent a start a kit that includes extra parts, and a couple of tools to fix the scooters. It is a simple process to become a mechanic that, while you may think that someone no consistency of highly skilled mechanics, it can lead to serious injuries. If the result of your injury is made from any accident that had something to do with a malfunction of the scooter, call AMA Law.

    Scooter Injuries That Can Cost You an Arm and a Leg

    While the research is important when going into renting a scooter, even all the research in the world doesn’t prepare you for the worst that can happen. Any incident can happen when riding a scooter, and can cause severe damages and injuries. From flying off the scooter due to the acceleration pedal being stuck and hitting your head, or having to jump off the scooter because the brakes won’t work and hitting your body, any incident can cost you a trip to the hospital. AMA Law may be able to help you in retrieving compensations for your injuries.

    If you or your loved one has been in an accident caused by a scooter, you may be able to receive compensation from any injuries that you have encountered riding one. The team at AMA Law are here to help you in recovering any money from damages. AMA Law has had years of experience in personal injury lawsuits and can help you, if they can take your case and you meet all requirements.

    You can come in for a free consultation with the team, where they can tell you everything you need to know and what to do if you have case. Before you give up with your fight against these scooter companies, call AMA Law first at (405) 607-8757 or by taking our brief online survey to see if you qualify.


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