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Very professional staff

Aubrey Brasher

Business was handled swiftly

Debbie Washington

Was very nice to work with

Stephanie Sanders

Very professional and helpful, highly recommend!

Rhonda Kepner

Teresa Elam was very helpful through a difficult time. Would recommend this law firm to handle tough legal cases.

Andrea Kemper

I contacted Tommy Adler because a friend of mine had recommended him, he did not disappoint. I do not want to go into the details of my case but I got the best possible judgement for my case. Hopefully I will not need a lawyer again but if I do Tommy is my guy.

Paul Rudnicki

I like this because you’ll get the job done dont mess a round i tell everybody i come across that you’ll are the people to get and your price is good i would not go to no one else thank you

Bubby Pickens

This place and their people helped me get my disability,even when it seemed hopeless. I thank you all so much for your hard work! Bless you

Teresa Herren

The paralegal who handled my case was very effective, efficient and helpful. I perceive that they are a firm with integrity.

Alice Foster

When I became disabled, I contacted this firm, Atkins & Markoff. I knew both attorneys previously, and I wasn’t going to pick any other firm. My first contact was with my personal case manager, Nina Grossman. From the very start, Nina took over, gave me a thorough understanding of the process of filing for my full disability. Nina made sure i was aware that this would be a long process, and hid nothing. The complete honesty was refreshing, and, it put me more at ease.
From start to finish, Nina walked me thru every step, explained it all fully, and was compassionate and efficient. She was not just a “case manager”, but also just an amazing friend who kept in constant contact with me the entire time.
My experience is not unique…Others agree that there isn’t a better, or more well informed firm to handle a complex case. But, even more, the people, Nina Grossman, Dan Markoff, Jeff Atkins, and every single member of their team, went to work to ensure I was taken care of.
I highly recommend these
Wonderful and extremely knowledgeable people to anyone in need of their services. You will be amazed!
And, pleasantly surprised !
Patrick Charness

Patrick Charness