Testosterone Supplements/Low-T Drugs Could Cause Heart Events

May 24, 2014
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Testosterone Supplements/Low-T Drugs Could Cause Heart Events

    shutterstock_7024651[1]Recent studies indicate that testosterone supplements or “low-T” drugs, as they’re often called, could be linked to serious heart events in men such as heart attack and stroke. Some bodies of research indicate that the risk is significant – risk of heart attack could double for certain men taking testosterone drugs. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not issued a recall of any low-T drugs at this time, they did announce last month that they would be conducting a probe of these products.

    If you are taking a low-T drug at this time, you may want to make an appointment to speak with your doctor. Your doctor may recommend an alternative treatment if he or she determines that your health may be at risk.

    Which low-T products are dangerous?

    All testosterone supplement products share basic ingredients, so all types of low-T drugs are being included in the FDA investigation. Some of the more common testosterone products are:

    Bio-T Gel

    Who is at risk?

    Early research indicates that testosterone supplements could be more dangerous for some men than others. For example, in a study of men taking testosterone, men who were already living with a heart condition or had a history of heart disease were at a greater risk of suffering a heart event than otherwise healthy men who were taking testosterone drugs.

    Another group that may be more susceptible to heart events is men over the age of 65. For men in this age bracket, taking testosterone drugs as much as doubled their risk of suffering a serious heart event like heart attack, stroke or death.

    Are there any alternatives to low-T drugs?

    There are many medically-accepted ways men can boost their testosterone levels naturally. While all men are different, generally things like getting enough sleep, avoiding over-working, and exercise all seem to contribute to increased testosterone levels.

    If you are currently taking a testosterone-boosting product, or used to, and you suffered serious side effects as a result, contact an Oklahoma personal injury attorney at AMA Law today.

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