Have you been a victim of a defective product?

Jun 18, 2014
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Have you been a victim of a defective product?

    Defective Products injure or kill upwards of 34 million people annually. With such a fertile marketplace, consumers should feel comfortable purchasing and using products without fear of injury or death. When people are hurt by products that they trust, it is a sign that there is something wrong with the companies in the marketplace, and consumers should be properly compensated for their pain and suffering.

    Thousands of companies recall products each and every year that have malfunctioned due to design flaws, manufacturing defects, or careless packaging. Some companies knowingly manufacture products that have increased risk for injury while most manufacturers will post statements that release the company from liability. If the risk is too high to safely operate on a regular basis, some companies may still fall underneath the legal umbrella and held liable for injuries that may be sustained.

    Anything from a child’s toy to hybrid cars can be defective thus holding the manufacturer responsible for any injuries related to the product. Many people will contest that holding manufacturers responsible for injuries hurts the economy. Others will counter that when 2,000 infants are hospitalized for injuries sustained from toys, there is a level of responsibility that the manufacturers should take blame for.

    In a recent year, 1,777,000 people required emergency treatment due to defective home furnishings and 1,200 of those injuries were fatal. Another 1,782,000 people were hospitalized due to home construction materials of which 1,300 were fatal.

    With statistics like the ones listed above, society bears a greater burden from defective materials than the manufacturers do. The costs of these responsibilities far outweigh the value of what these companies are benefiting.

    Businesses claim that there is an “explosion” in product liability lawsuits, which greatly hinders American Business. This is false. The fact that product liability has increased nearly eight fold is merely a crutch for businesses because these lawsuits involved only a handful of companies – over half of these lawsuits were for the same group of defective products.

    Most product liability lawsuits are involved with Asbestos or poorly manufactured drugs and have little to do with big box manufacturers, though they share a considerable chunk of product liability lawsuits as well.

    Most big box stores in Oklahoma have a listing of recalled and mislabeled products that have the potential to injure consumers or have a manufacturing defect that can be reimbursed or fixed by returning the current product and purchasing an updated version. Even after these measures taken, there are always forefront consumers in Oklahoma City who are initially injured or have fallen victim to mislabeling.

    If you feel that you are one of the many bad product victims, you should contact AMA Law or call for an over the phone with any one of our dedicated attorneys. AMA Law is dedicated to getting you the compensation that you deserve.

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