What to Do After You’ve Been Injured on the Job

May 24, 2014
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    What to Do After You’ve Been Injured on the Job

    Injury-causing accidents of any type can be a frightening experience. Aside from causing worry about one’s physical well-being, injuries can often create a number of other concerns and burdens. Most significantly, injured victims and their families are often worried about their finances, especially because medical expenses can quickly pile up. When injuries are severe enough to prevent an individual from working and earning wages, financial concerns can become even more serious.

    Residents in Oklahoma who have been injured on the job should understand that while programs like workers’ compensation exist, there are still a number of steps they can take to protect their rights and well-beings. Some of the most important things to do after you’ve suffered an injury at work include:

    Report Your Injury
    Any worker who has experienced a job-related injury should report the accident and injury to their employer as soon as possible. Failing to report an injury in a timely fashion may negatively impact your ability to recover compensation and / or workers’ compensation benefits. In Oklahoma, the following applies:

    Workers must report a single event injury within 30 days.

    Workers must report an occupational disease or injury caused by “repeated” trauma within 90 days of an employee’s separation from employment.

    Seek Medical Treatment

    Another crucial step injured workers should take is to seek medical treatment. By law, employers should promptly provide reasonable and necessary medical treatment. They also have the right to select the treating physician. Injured victims have the right to obtain necessary medical treatment from a physician of their choice – paid for by the employer – if the employer fails to provide treatment within seven days of being notified of a worker’s injury or when an emergency exists.

    Speak with an Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Lawyer
    When you and your loved ones depend on compensation and / or workers’ comp benefits to recover your losses, it is of the utmost importance to work with an experienced Oklahoma City workers’ compensation attorney who can handle all legal elements on your behalf. Our legal team has more than a century of combined experience and has helped guide numerous injured workers and families through the workers’ comp process. You can learn more about the process on our workers’ compensation FAQ.

    As we provide comprehensive assistance in investigating your accident, filing claims or appeals, and helping secure necessary medical treatment, you can be confident about placing your trust in our firm while recovering from your injury. As time is of the essence, we encourage injured workers throughout the state of Oklahoma to contact AMA Law as soon as possible.

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