Defenses to Criminal Charges: Do I Need a Lawyer to Represent Me?

Apr 27, 2022
by Adler Markoff & Associates

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    Defenses to Criminal Charges: Do I Need a Lawyer to Represent Me?

    Defenses to Criminal Charges – What to Do Next

    Being charged with a criminal offense in Oklahoma City can be a daunting experience. You may be facing devastating charges that, if convicted, could leave you facing years of prison time and hefty fines. 

    It’s critical to seek the help of a qualified Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyer at such a time. A good lawyer will help you build a robust defense for the charges brought against you.

    Why Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

    A criminal defense lawyer is someone who specializes in defending cases like yours. A criminal defense lawyer has both experience and extensive resources for handling criminal defense cases. That can make the difference between a successful dismissal and a conviction

    A good lawyer knows these laws and regulations and understands how best to use them for defense. You can’t defend yourself against criminal charges without good legal representation. This is why you will need the help of a professional lawyer. They can even help you get your record cleared after your case is closed.

    Still unsure if you want legal representation for your defenses to criminal charges?

    ? Here are a few key benefits that a criminal defense lawyer can provide: 

    • Saving Time and Money – Once you are charged, you must prepare a defense as soon as possible. Any delays can cause matters to grow worse. A knowledgeable lawyer with a successful record can launch a defense and protect your future. 
    • Knowing Your Options – You may have several legal options after being charged with a crime. Your attorney will help you understand these options and what they mean for your future before you choose one that best protects your rights.
    • Protecting Your Case – A common mistake you can make after being charged is to say something on the record that further incriminates you. With a lawyer by your side, you get real-time advice on how to respond to questions in a way that doesn’t incriminate you.
    • Securing Your Rights – The Constitution of the United States guarantees your rights, even after you have been charged. A lawyer ensures that these rights aren’t violated by law enforcement, courts, or any other entity.
    • Gathering Relevant Evidence – Evidence plays a key role in the outcome of a criminal case. Such evidence may include videotapes, surveillance footage, cellular data, photos, witness statements, and more. A lawyer is immensely helpful in bringing together this evidence to support your defense.
    • Getting Professional Aid – Criminal defense lawyers practice criminal law day in and day out. They understand the laws, the system, the processes, and your legal options. You can rest assured that you will get the best possible results when you hire a lawyer. 

    How Can an Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Lawyer Help?

    If you have been charged with a crime in Oklahoma City, we can help you. At AMA Law, our lawyers have a long experience in successfully handling criminal defense cases. Whether you have been charged with DUI, drug offenses, robbery, assault, or other offenses, we can work with you to defend you against the charges.

    Call us today at 405-708-7789 to discuss your case with our lawyers. You can also schedule a one-on-one consultation by visiting our website.

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